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Make your own Gin!

For this event, we will


We start with a brief history of Gin, and walking you through how Gin is made at a distillery


Next, we explore various botanical ingredients, and learn about what characteristics they offer


It wont be all work and no play.  We'll sample various gins and discuss their characteristics to help you decide what qualities you want in your gin


Finally, you create your own list of ingredients (with as much help from us as you want) and we begin preparing your custom Gin!  Within two-weeks, your gin will be ready for you to pick up! 

Package #1

Sign up solo, and get everything above!


Package #2

Everything above, but bring a guest to learn, decide, and sample gins with you.  However, only you will get to select the Gin you and your guest will create.


Package #3

Go a step further, and actually take a hands-on approach to creating your own Gin.  We will schedule a follow up day, and under our guidance, let you go through and distill, blend, and bottle your own Gin!


Interested?  Let us know!

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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