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Games Night Prototype!

We've been wanting to do some "Games Night" events for a while, and now that things are calming down a little, we want to test this and see how it goes. 

That's where you may come in!

One of these weekday evenings, we will be opening up the distillery and will test playing some games.    We need people to help us work out the kinks.   Things will not go smoothly, we're sure, and we will need patient people who will also provide feedback.  In return, we'll be giving a free cocktail to anyone who helps. 

Here is what to expect:

  • The event should take under 2 hours

  • It will be held on either a Tuesday or Wednesday evening and will start  around 6pm.

  • For this prototype event, I'm considering testing "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes"  as well as some other games.

  • Interaction with other players will be expected

  • The event will be small.  ~6 players

  • It may be only Josh running the event.  Josh doesn't know how to make most of the cocktails, so the cocktail options may be very limited

That's about  it.  If you're interested in being a Test Subject send us an email at

In the email, let us know if Tuesdays or Wednesdays work better (or if both work).  We may do this as early as Oct 18th or 19th.

We will respond to everyone, but if we get too many responses we will restrict participation to the first people who responded.

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