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Learn about Distilling!

People have a lot of questions about what we do, and how a distillery works.  We decided to start making some videos to give the answers!

We're going to cover every aspect of distilling, and what goes on "behind the scenes" at a distillery.  We'll cover the boring stuff and the fun stuff;  anything we've learned, this is our way to easily share it!

We'll update this page with our videos, or you can also go to our Youtube channel directly.

If there is a topic you really want to see covered, let us know!

Video 01:  Introduction (uploaded 07/18/22)

A simple introduction video describing what is to come!

Video 02:  What is a Distillery? (1 of 4) (uploaded 07/18/22)

It seems like an easy question, but the answer is a little complex and maybe surprising.    This is the first of a scheduled 4-part series to answer that question.

Video 03:  What is a Distillery? (2 of 4) (uploaded 08/16/22)

In our second part of asking "What is a Distillery?", we get introduced to the concept of "Transferred-In-Bond" alcohols, such as Neutral Grain Spirits.

Video 04:  What is a Distillery? (3 of 4) (uploaded 08/28/22)

In our third part of asking "What is a Distillery?", we explore how distilleries can bulk purchase ready alcohol products.

Video 05:  What is a Distillery? (3.5 of 4) (uploaded 09/05/22)

This was an unplanned video;  I realized there was a critical point I needed to make clear.  However, I did fit in some information on the governmental entities that oversee a distillery.

Video 06:  What is a Distillery? (4 of 4) (uploaded 09/15/22)

This is it - we finally arrive to our answer for the question "What is a Distillery?".  We also take a look at the production paths a distillery can choose when creating a product.

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