All Hand Crafted, Small Batch, Unique Spirits



A nod to the whiskey rebellion

This is the third evolution in our MoonShine ferments.  The flavor profile comes from our fermentation of  traditional grains and cane sugar at the same time;  no blending.  We finish the spirit off with an infusion of charred wood, for a light whiskey taste.

Smokey, Wood-Forward, and corn sweet!



A smoother take on a classic spirit

We make our Gin by infusing the botanical flavors through vapor infusion.  This gives our gin wonderful aromatics, as well as a lighter palette impact of the natural oils.   Our recipe favors more citrus to cut back the juniper bite many gins are known for, making our Gin an easy to drink spirit on its own, or mixed with a simple tonic.



Sweet and Pure

Our Vodka is made using a 12-plate reflux column to extract as pure an alcohol as possible (We pull it off at 195 proof!).    Our twist?  We blend with spring water instead of distilled, or reverse-osmosis, water.   The final product comes out wonderfully clean, smooth, and with a pinch of sweetness.